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Clontarf Baths – New car parking


Observation on planning application for new car parking and access layout – Dublin City Council reg. ref. no. 2355/20

Thanks to the Council for the opportunity to comment on this Application. The Applicants are to be commended on their restoration of the old swimming baths and the construction of a well-designed contemporary building by Noonan Moran in a manner sensitive to the Dublin Biosphere and Birds Directive site. However the current application raises one or two issues that I would like to comment on, as someone who lives nearby and who swims and cycles regularly around the Bay… read more »

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Biking in the Netherlands

Randomish thoughts + snaps from a two-day visit in July 2019 with @patrickmorgan.



Above- Family biking in Utrecht. So civilised; so normalised!


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Biking with… Paddy!


(Above) Paddy Cahill admires Groningen municipal offices

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Andaman Sea

Many if not most women -and quite a few men- in Myanmar have light-coloured patterns on their cheeks like these bottle-collecting girls on bikes.

My guidebook says this is Thanakha – a ground sandalwood-like paste, and it acts as a combination of skin conditioner, sunblock and make-up. read more »

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Cheating into Myanmar

Gosh Asia is big. Even the corner of Southeast Asia I’ve been wobbling through.

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An amble through Thai countryside

Climbing slowly towards the Myanmar border. Some interesting creatures and beautiful scenes.

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Biking Bangkok

I’ve been biking round Bangkok now, including the day-and-a-half spent coming in from the countryside, for six days, covering maybe 100km including trips to the camping shop, bike tour hq, embassy and round hotels. The short version: it’s terrible!

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Biking in Thailand

A few initial impressions after just crossing the border from Cambodia (and why hadn’t I found out that Thailand traffic keeps left!?)

Firstly the shock of the smooth: Beautiful surfaces compared to poor Cambodia:

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Wobbling through Southern Thailand

Wobbling along the Gulf Coast of Thailand you see some beautiful jungle growing right up to the road, and gorgeous beaches. Buddhist monasteries and temples and shrines are everywhere.

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Cambodian roads

Good Lord, a pothole! Why, I shall write to the Times!

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