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Project Types

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Projects undertaken include-

  • Urban design, density studies, feasbility studies, building and site layouts-
    • Planning applications, searches, objections and observations
    • Masterplanning
    • Planning research and consultation, submissions to Development and Strategic Zone Plans
    • Rezoning studies and proposals
    • Co-ordination and collaboration with specialist planning urban design and archaeological consultants
  • Roads design and layout
    • Design of vehicle access, parking, locking and storage
    • Reviewing of road design safety + efficiency
  • Mapping
    • Mapping study and design for cyclists
    • Graphic design
    • Terrain modelling
  • Advocacy for advanced urban transport-
    • Analysis of local and national governmental policies and regulations
    • Advocacy at local and national political levels
    • Engaging and interacting with officialdom -engineering and administrative officials
    • Media and face-to-face public relations
    • Submissions on technical and legal issues
  • Cycling Skills tutoring
  • Mobility Management Plans
  • Bike maintenance courses