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Cyclemaps project

Logo for Cyclemaps project

Cyclemaps Ireland was set up in 2011 on the basis of research for the Department of Transport into maps for cyclists.  We plan to publish printed maps which help cyclists choose a safe and pleasant route by describing the ‘bikeability’ of every street and road.  The map will show cyclists’ experience of the city in a simple, graphic way,  including features like cycle lanes, shared paths, and bike shops.

Front of Dublin Cyclemap



The map shows each stretch of road coloured, with five different colours.  Each colour relates to a level of how easy or safe that stretch of road feels to cycle on.  It’s a community project, where volunteer cyclists set and discuss the colour, and the map is based on Open Street Maps, which anyone can edit online.

The idea is that it’s a paper map that’s easy to read but folds handily into your pocket – you can see the back on page 2.

The map is based on work done by many Cycling Campaign groups in the UK and other countries, especially John Franklin, who helped us with initial studies for the map.  Those studies were done for the Department of Transport, under a ‘Smarter Travel’ grant, by the Dublin Cycling Campaign.

John’s work and his book, ‘Cyclecraft’ are the basis of the ‘Bikeability’ system of cycle-skills training now recognised all over the world as the most common-sense approach to training for road cycling.

Click the Cyclemaps website for more information.

CycleMap Dublin Obverse/Outside

Rear of Dublin Cyclemap