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Protected: Christmas Day Swim 2018

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Manhattan High Line

Manhattan High Line in late November…


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Send-off for Cate in San Francisco

I think Cate would have liked our low-key high-loving send-off from Ocean Beach and Jamie’s house in the Mission.


(Above) Billy and Siobhan-Vaunie checking the lay of Ocean Beach for our ceremony.

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Leaving New Zealand

I started writing these (very personal and subjective!) thoughts about Cate’s and my last year  after reading some of the excellent Irish Times ‘Abroad’ articles.

Returning to Ireland? As the old smoker says about quitting, it’s easy, I’ve done it loads of times. read more »

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Biking with… Paddy!


(Above) Paddy Cahill admires Groningen municipal offices

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Andaman Sea

Many if not most women -and quite a few men- in Myanmar have light-coloured patterns on their cheeks like these bottle-collecting girls on bikes.

My guidebook says this is Thanakha – a ground sandalwood-like paste, and it acts as a combination of skin conditioner, sunblock and make-up. read more »

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Cheating into Myanmar

Gosh Asia is big. Even the corner of Southeast Asia I’ve been wobbling through.

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An amble through Thai countryside

Climbing slowly towards the Myanmar border. Some interesting creatures and beautiful scenes.

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Building boom in Thailand?

Cranes everywhere, hoardings on every street and road advertising new houses, offices and apartments: Thailand seems to be developing again with gusto.

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Biking Bangkok

I’ve been biking round Bangkok now, including the day-and-a-half spent coming in from the countryside, for six days, covering maybe 100km including trips to the camping shop, bike tour hq, embassy and round hotels. The short version: it’s terrible!

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