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The Mary Wilson Conundrum or, NZ v. IRL

Moving between Ireland and New Zealand reveals many coincidences.

Emigrants Statue in Dublin, Ireland

Emigrants Statue in Dublin, Ireland

Immigrants Statue at Nelson, NZ

Immigrants Statue at Nelson, NZ

Both are countries traditionally dependent on their agricultural + tourism industries (‘we need to protect our clean green image!’)
Both have 4.5 million people
Both fundamentally influenced by English colonialism
Both watchful of a bigger, domineering neighbour
Both dramatically divided north and south

Both have a ‘TV3’ showing cheap American cop shows

Both let you tune your radio to a pro-business, low-tax neo-liberal radio station called ‘Newstalk’ where you’ll often hear the phrase, ‘we punch above our weight’.
In both, you might switch to the BBC-flavoured national broadcaster to hear gentle, unionised voices chanting the forecasts and exchange rates, in English and either endangered native tongue, Maori or Gaeilge.

Now it gets a bit wierd…. Keep listening to that national broadcaster, through the softly-toned Met Service forecasts, the farm prices and the sports, through 5pm and, Ireland or New Zealand, you’ll hear Mary Wilson take the mic…

Irish Mary Wilson radio host

Drivetime on RTÉ Radio 1 with Mary Wilson

Kiwi Mary Wilson radio host

Mary Wilson presents Radio New Zealand National’s drive time news programme

A coincidence? Hmmmm….

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