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Cate+Will in Sydney

Here are some pics of our 2016-17 trip to Sydney, lucky us!

Will,Cate,Estelle,Noon Will, Cate, Estelle, the long-suffering Noon


Billy and me.  Great to see him.

operahouse-1 Waterfront was actually uncomfortably crowded.  Blimmin tourists
NYE Sydney NYE Sydney the fireworks yay!


We saw the live bats in Paddington too, so this was funny.  And the legendary clothes-line manufacturer announced it was no longer producing these while we were in Australia, too, ironically.


Cate the garden baby


Big Cy Twombley paintings in NSW Art Gallery


Went to a show in the Opera House, yay!


And Billy took me to the Members Bar in the Sydney Cricket Ground.  Thanks Billy!

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