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Clontarf Baths – New car parking


Observation on planning application for new car parking and access layout – Dublin City Council reg. ref. no. 2355/20

Thanks to the Council for the opportunity to comment on this Application. The Applicants are to be commended on their restoration of the old swimming baths and the construction of a well-designed contemporary building by Noonan Moran in a manner sensitive to the Dublin Biosphere and Birds Directive site. However the current application raises one or two issues that I would like to comment on, as someone who lives nearby and who swims and cycles regularly around the Bay… read more »

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Biking with… Paddy!


(Above) Paddy Cahill admires Groningen municipal offices

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Cheating into Myanmar

Gosh Asia is big. Even the corner of Southeast Asia I’ve been wobbling through.

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An amble through Thai countryside

Climbing slowly towards the Myanmar border. Some interesting creatures and beautiful scenes.

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Biking Bangkok

I’ve been biking round Bangkok now, including the day-and-a-half spent coming in from the countryside, for six days, covering maybe 100km including trips to the camping shop, bike tour hq, embassy and round hotels. The short version: it’s terrible!

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Biking in Thailand

A few initial impressions after just crossing the border from Cambodia (and why hadn’t I found out that Thailand traffic keeps left!?)

Firstly the shock of the smooth: Beautiful surfaces compared to poor Cambodia:

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Will’s Asia Bike Ride, 2018

I’ve flown back and forth from Dublin to NZ many of the last 22 years.

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Cambodian roads

Good Lord, a pothole! Why, I shall write to the Times!

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Biking in the rainy season in Asia

Well I’ve done 11 days on the bike now since Ho Chi Minh City. I think my legs are starting to build some stamina and my system’s getting a bit used to biking in a different climate.

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