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Biking in Thailand

A few initial impressions after just crossing the border from Cambodia (and why hadn’t I found out that Thailand traffic keeps left!?)

Firstly the shock of the smooth: Beautiful surfaces compared to poor Cambodia:

However speeds of passing motor vehicles still didn’t seem as high as NZ or IRL where we’ve I think evolved a ‘it says 100 so I can go 100’ mentality:

Really helps to have the heavier, louder vehicles restricted to 60 too!

Above: These major National roads offered some familiar sights & signs.

There are great hard shoulders for biking (or toddling along in your sidecar-on-a-scooter mobile restaurant!) AND many of them marked for bike use, even over long distances. In a few days I’ve seen a dozen or so MAMILs and mountain-bikers on the roads here.

These little shelters every few I’m on national roads just make you want to have a family and bring them all for a picnic!

Milestone markers remind me of France – both Vietnam and Cambodian roads have them, too. Great to answer that incessant little ‘are-we-there-yet’ voice if you’re a bit of a minimalist like me & don’t have an odometer/ bike computer.

Bad day for this poor fella. I thought my migraines were bad. You see quite a few large snakes and lizards on the road edges here.

[What’s this trip about? See here]


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